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Friday, August 04, 2006

Famous Mixed Couples Part 2

This couple; Svenne and Lotta Hedlund, is probably most famous within Sweden, although they had some international career. More famous are the guys in the background on this photo: Björn Ulveus and Benny Andersson, the two BB's in ABBA.

The story is in short: Sven Hedlund (born 1945) was a singer in a very popular Swedish popgroup called Hep Stars. This was in the sixties.
Charlotte Walker (born 1944) was a singer in the American group The Cherries. The Cherries did a tour in Sweden 1967, Sven and Charlotte met, fell in Love and became a couple.
Charlotte decided to stay in Sweden and she and Sven became the pop group "Svenne and Lotta". They have a daughter, Tanja 35 years young. Source; Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Svenne and Lotta are still active and touring Sweden as a pop group, despite their ages 61 and 62 years old respectively.

When Svenne and Lotta became a couple they made quite some headlines in the Swedish media. I was still a boy in 1967, but I remember very well when this happened. It was not very common that famous Swedish guys dated black Afro Americans. And this event stirred up the discussions around the Swedish dinner tables.

Luckily Lotta is a very easygoing, down to earth woman with a beautiful winning smile. She didn't seem to bother about being black at all. The stage shows with Svenne were always, and still are, full of energy and happiness. Lotta stole the hearts of the Swedish people.

I wish Svenne and Lotta all happiness and success in their future tasks. You are the first mixed couple I can remember from my childhood.


  • Hi...just wanted to know if ANYONE knows anything about Lotta's family ie..mother, brother's, sister's in the United States. I never hear her mention anything about HER family.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:13 PM  

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  • Hi Anonymous..Yes, I have information on Lotta's family. How can I contact you.

    By Blogger Lady Lisa, at 1:47 PM  

  • Im interested in.learning.more about lotta hedlund and her past family etc. You can contact me at

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:09 PM  

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